We offer you unparalleled standards of integrity, determination and dedication to excellence, combined with extensive resources, technology and superior personnel.

Our team offers hundreds of years combined experience in logistics. They are dedicated, knowledgeable and personally committed to helping each of our customers succeed. We take a relationship based, team approach where every member is an integral part of the customer account.

We take immense pride from customizing sustainable solutions, working together as a team and being easy to work with. If it’s easy for us to be our customer, we know it's easy for our customers to work with us.


Built by shippers for shippers, SilverExpress is our Transportation Management System (TMS) that provides customers with timesaving tools to make their jobs easier.

As a proprietary offering, SilverExpress lets our customers easily request quotes, generate orders, track shipments, conduct reporting and much more.

“Quad Express has a dynamic group of employees that are passionate, dedicated and fun spirited.”

Patrick Langan

Customer Service Lead

3 years Logistics Experience